How to save your joints

26/11/2014 - Joints and Bones

In order to feel good, you need to have healthy joints: when the “hinge” fails, even the slightest movement causes severe pain and makes life miserable. Why spoil the joints and how to save them?

Joints is a mobile connections of bones. They have a complex structure: a capsule lined with a membrane with many small outgrowths and cartilage cavity filled with a special liquid. Over time, the joints deteriorate. However, not only aging provokes the development of osteoarthritis.

If blood circulation in the joint is disturbed, problems can occur at any age, “hinge” slag clogging and cartilage can no longer be restored. Gradually, the cartilage is completely destroyed and affected the entire joint. Problems can arise if there is not enough calcium, zinc, potassium, manganese, boron, phosphorus and silicon. Micronutrient deficiencies makes the body is “pulling” them from bones. Disease can cause a sedentary lifestyle, due to which the joint is formed stagnation since the lubricant is released only during movement. The reason may become excessive stress on joints that occur when exercising.

When you exercise your knees suffer more often, then – shoulder and elbow joints and at least – ankles and wrists. The first for injuries are knees that suffer because of the constant movement. In the gym a variety of exercises, such as squats, leg press in the press machine forced to work it up. Knees while exposed to horrible charge: for example in the squat they have to bear the body and rod weights.

Performing sports exercises, pick up the correct weight and realistically assess capabilities of your body. If muscles are not sufficiently trained to a certain weight the load affect the joints.

Do not make any sudden movements, do not force the joint to be in an unnatural position. Increase load and weight gradually.

Prevention is better than curing

Joints need substances such as mucopolysaccharides. They are found in seaweed, mussels, shrimp and other seafood, as well as bone and cartilage of fish, birds and animals. Therefore it is useful to feed a filling joints, and aspic rich broth. Also joints and cartilage like calcium and phosphorus. Therefore, eat sea fish, dairy products and a lot of raw vegetables.