The Hobby Handbook: Exploring Fascinating Interests and Finding Your Perfect Match

The Hobby Handbook: Exploring Fascinating Interests and Finding Your Perfect Match

Induction hobs use a smooth, flat cooking surface and offer a variety of features. They are much faster to boil than gas hobs and usually work more efficiently.

In fact, they can heat up water almost bep dien tu munchen twice as fast and cook food significantly quicker. This makes them a great choice for busy families.

Energy saving hob

Induction cooking uses electromagnets to heat pans and the food inside them rather than heating the hob surface itself. This means that the cooker stays cool to the touch and there’s much less energy waste, which is good for you and good for the environment.

Induction hobs heat up your cookware faster and more precisely than conventional gas or electric hobs because there is no wasted heat dissipation. This also makes them quicker to use, with water boiling in half the time as a hob without induction technology and significantly quicker than a gas or smooth top electric hob.

You’ll need to make sure that your pans are suitable for induction hobs as only metal pans with a ferromagnetic bottom will work. This includes Le Creuset’s range of induction-friendly frying pans and sauté pans. If you’re not sure if your existing pans are magnetic then you can test them by putting a magnet underneath the base of the pan. If it sticks then they are induction friendly.

Simmering hob

Whether you’re making stocks, soups or starchy dishes like pasta and potatoes, simmering is a great way to keep foods soft and tender. It’s a little less messy than boiling and uses less energy too.

A range of features can help with this type of cooking, including heat controls – often with settings specifically for simmering and keeping food warm. Timers and minute minders are also common on most hob types and can be used to help you avoid overcooking and burning dishes.

A feature that can be found on induction hobs is Power Boost, which allows you to link two or more cooking zones together. This makes it easier to bring large pans of water to the boil quickly. This is available on this induction hob from Falcon, which has four cooking zones, touch controls, 15 power levels, a boost, a timer and a child lock. A sizeable keep-warm zone is also included. This can be useful for keeping meals warm before serving or for resting meats prior to carving.

Stir frying hob

Induction hobs are a new way of cooking and are faster than gas or electric cookers. They use electromagnetic waves that create heat on the ceramic plates. However, they are very picky about the pans that they work with. If you want to stir fry with an induction hob you need a special wok with a flat base that can draw the electromagnetic waves.

Carbon steel woks are inexpensive and lightweight. They conduct heat quickly and easily, making them perfect for stir frying. However, they tend to develop hot spots that can burn food and take a while to cool down.

If you’re looking for an induction compatible wok that will also be long lasting then look no further than this non-stick model from Salter Olympus. It’s suitable for all hob types including induction and is made with aluminium and Bakelite soft touch handles for easy manoeuvring around your kitchen. It has a non-stick coating that is dishwasher safe.


Induction hobs work differently to gas or electric as heat comes from the pan itself rather than from a heating element underneath. This means your kitchen remains cool to the touch and is more energy efficient. It’s also a safer option for families with children as you won’t get any hot elements to burn yourself on.

However, induction cooking only works with compatible pans that are made of ferromagnetic metals like cast iron and magnetic stainless steel so you may need to replace your current cookware set if switching over from traditional options. Some induction hobs also feature a sensor that can detect when no pan is placed on a zone to help reduce any potential hazards.

This AEG candidate offers four different zones to play with – two of these are more traditional circular rings and the other pair makes up a Flex Zone that’s ideal for mid-sized pans. It’s easy to switch between power modes too, with a simple slide of the pan across the zones to change from boil to simmer and keep warm.